Hey there! My name is Matt. I live on the east coast of South Africa, in the beautiful city of Durban and I take photos. I love great food, strong coffee, travelling and believe that life should be lived with no regrets. 

A photograph is a precious reminder of a unique moment. A moment to inspire, call to action or simply to look back on with fondness. I am great friends with my camera, we have been on many adventures with great people, we have travelled all around the world and we are always looking for new and exciting things to do. 

Telling stories with my camera is my passion and I love that we all have great and inspiring stories to tell. It would be a privilege to be able to capture a collection of moments that would begin to tell yours. Thanks for dropping by. I have gathered some of my favourite moments that I have captured over the years. I hope you enjoy your stay. 

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matt | 22 salisbury rd, durban, south africa | +27 71 876 9627 | matt@mattnixonjames.com